The RvB S9 soundtrack makes for amazing driving music
irl: uga
Soooo after having a dreamwidth account for like, fifteen months, people I know are getting them and moving journal stuff so I figured I might as well clean it up and see about backing mine up too.

(LJ's comment pages being utterly broken seems like a really weird reason for me to jump ship after eight and a half years, but I guess it's a straw/camel's back kind of deal. And it honestly does piss me off that the only way I can read anything on the site anymore is to force custom comment pages. Even ?format=light isn't any help, and that is utter BS.)

I like that dreamwidth allows for custom banners and nested tags without having to spend hours and hours digging for and tweaking code-- I think I had the whole layout the way I wanted it in an hour or so, rather than the days it usually took to change things up here.

If you so desire, I can be found at [personal profile] barbiejedi. (I know, I know, you're shocked.)